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Joining Our Squadron is Easy!
Membership is by application and is for anyone who shares our common love of boating, you don't have to own a boat or could be thinking about buying a boat or just want to enjoy other people's boats. But what's in it for you?

Education - We offer a first class boating education for all of our members. Have you been disappointed by boring DVDs, computerize online classes, YouTube video or felt short changed for a class that didn't met you expectations? Well not only will you get a live instructors but our instructors will answer your specific questions about local waters or boats and you will get an answer you can use.

Safety - We have members that will inspect your boat and make sure your boat is fully equipped for safety. We will demonstrate how to use most of your safety equipment. Take our classes and you learn how to prepare and operate safety on the water. Get certification through our boating operations series and demonstrate that you can operate a boat safely.

Social - We live in Hawaii so we get together year round. We have cruises, dinners, brunches, holiday parties and squadron events with speakers. You can do just the education classes if you want but we bet you'll find your way to a social event sooner or later.

Discounts - All of our members love to save money and you probably do too. Most insurance companies will give a discount on your boat insurance as long as you take and pass our basic boating class call "America's Boating Class".  And just don't stop there take more classes and you will get even bigger discounts. Our squadron is part of a national organization representing thousands of boaters and that allows us to offer great discounts on things like charts, navigation software, computers, books, magazines, car rentals, store discounts and more. We probably have a discount program use can use.

Membership - What does it take? An active member must be at least 18 years of age and there are no age considerations for family members. We are all volunteers and but we must pay annual dues to keep the squadron going. The only other requirement is that you have an interest boating related activities.

For more information just click here or call now at 808-499-5944.

Our mailing address is 7040 Hawaii Kai Drive, Unit 302, Honolulu, HI 96825.

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